Our standards.

We believe that ethically made and environmentally conscious clothing is the way to go.

We make our garments out of 95% pure cotton with just 5% spandex to create quality pieces that hold their shape wear after wear and wash after wash. Plus, our fabric comes out wrinkle free after washing, so no extra ironing for you!

Our garments are ethically produced by our incredible supplier in China who we have worked closely with for years to ensure that our garments are both well made and ethically made. By only producing small-run batches of our products, we avoid unnecessary clothing waste. We are intentional about valuing and using all of our fabric. We make what we need.

We're all about buying less, and making the most of what you have. We purposefully design our garments to be timeless year-round staples that you can easily mix and match and get the most wear out of.

When you buy from us, your items will come carefully wrapped up in our 99.9% recycled ecopaper, which is recyclable (or home compostable, for all you budding composters out there!), with a special postcard made from carbon neutral recycled card and printed with vegetable based inks. Your parcel will be topped with one of our FSC-certified and BPA-free labels.

Our packaging satchels are made from plants and fully home compostable and biodegradable, breaking down without any harmful microplastics or residues. Plus, of course, they're waterproof and durable, making sure your order traverses its way safely to your doorstep. Our shipping labels are printed on recycled paper, and our delivery partner is 100% carbon neutral!

At He and Her the Label we value the people who make our garments and we value the planet we all share.