It's quality that counts.

We believe that quality should be one of the most important things when producing a product.

We are not about earning a quick buck. We are all about creating beautiful, timeless, durable unisex basics that your children can grow and play in. Because seriously, who wants to buy something only to have it start falling part or losing its shape or losing its colour within a few washes. No thank you!

We have spent many years perfecting our fabric, to make sure it ticks all the boxes. It is milled (that’s just a fancy way of saying ‘made from scratch’) especially for us to our specifications so that it is soft, durable, long lasting and performs beautifully wash after wash.

We make our garments out of 95% pure cotton and add just the right amount (5% to be exact) of spandex. This ensures that each garment holds its shape wear after wear and wash after wash. And here’s a fun fact, our fabric comes out wrinkle free after washing, meaning no extra ironing for you! (Have a look at some of our glowing reviews from customers on our products pages)

We work closely with our pattern maker to ensure all of our fits are comfortable, functional and moveable. There is nothing worse than leggings that fall down or tops that ride up! We fit each of our garments on real children, no mannequins here, so we that can see how they feel and move in them.

That’s why we can say with 100% confidence that our garments are made to last, and will always outlast the season.  

That’s why we encourage you to Wear | Treasure | Share.

Wear them, make memories in them, and pass them on to someone you love when they no longer fit.