How to Dress: Trans-seasonal

How to Dress: Trans-seasonal

The shift between seasons can be tricky to dress for, especially for our little ones! As mamas (and/or daddas!) we want to make sure that our kiddos are not too warm and not too cool, that they're comfy and happy in their clothes, and that they're as weather-proof as reasonable for playtime. Ideally, we'd like them to look stylish too ;)

Trans-seasonal (or is it transeasonal, transsseasonal, trans seasonal?!) marks those times in-between seasons. It's not quite autumn, definitely not winter levels of cold, but it's not really summer 'proper' still (for those of us that had a proper summer this year!).

With that in mind, as we dress our own little one in the He and Her the Label family every morning, here are some keys we find helpful.

1. Breathable

Choose a breathable fabric, like our cotton blend, for a natural lightweight feel on the skin. Whatever that looks like for you, whether tee or long sleeve, shorts, trousers, onesie, overalls or dress, breathable fabrics will help to self-regulate body temperature, whatever the weather.

2. Fits well

Make sure garments fit well, that they're not too tight on little bodies, but also not too big for layering. Our garments are designed with a relaxed fit, in part because we understand how frustrating it can be when you want to reach for something, or climb somewhere, but your clothing is too restrictive! A well fitted garment will help your child stay comfy and cool when the weather heats up and when the humidity gets high. Too tight leads to cranky kiddos, and no-one wants that...! 

3. Play with length

Play with leg and arm length in your child's clothing, before switching fully to long sleeve and long leg outfits. A tee and shorts or a long sleeve and long leg pant is great, and so is the classic short sleeve top with long leg pants, but for trans-seasonal dressing you can still play around a bit more. Try a pair of shorts with a long sleeve top, or wear the long leg pants or overalls, but roll up the cuffs away from the ankles or even up to a mid-calf-length. Switch out the shorter shorts for a pair of shorts that falls just below the knee. Try rolling up those shorts to knee-length, or just above the knee. Do the same with the cuffs of mid-length and long sleeve tops, and soft rollable jackets, like our cord shirt jacket.

4. Layer up

Ah layering, the foundation of all good trans-seasonal, and cooler weather dressing! Layer, layer, layer, and then if you need to, layer some more! A tee with a long sleeve top overtop. Or a long sleeve top with a tee overtop (cute!). Any sleeve length underneath a pair of overalls or a short-sleeve or sleeveless dress. Mid-length tops can be great here too. A shirt jacket thrown over top of whatever your first immediate layer is, either open or buttoned up, fully or partially. It isn't just for tops either. Leggings underneath dresses. And we have to say that the old leggings underneath shorts trick can be pretty cute on little ones too (!).

5. Be prepared

When you're heading out, try to remember to pack an extra layer and/or a cooler option, to be ready for play whatever the weather is. Our daycare mamas are likely already pros at this! And after all, it's not like you've got anything else to do or remember in your day-to-day, right mama ;) (we say this with love!! We get how packed our parent brains can be!!)

6. Think capsule

With all purchases (and sort outs!) for your child's wardrobe, think capsule. What does this go with? How many items does this go with? How can this be layered? Is this a one-season only type of item, or can we wear this trans-seasonal, or even year-round? How can we wear this for longer?

We hope these keys for how to dress your kiddos in transeasonal weather have been helpful. If you're still looking for ideas, check out our collection of year-round and trans seasonal pieces to help you keep your little ones warm/cool/"just right" this season.

With love from us,

He and Her the Label x

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